Sunday, November 1, 2009

EMS Expo: Ambulance technology and purchasing thoughts

So I'm home from EMS Expo and settled in, finally! I was SUPPOSED to post these as I filmed them, but there really was little time and literally almost NO internet connection in Atlanta (that was free, at least). I'm going to play catch up today and blog a little about each segment, if you don't mind

Here are a few ambulances that I shot throughout EMS Expo! I noticed a trend in EVERY rig there, and that was using technology that would help both the patient AND the provider. It amazes that our industry has this potential to advance so much with the use of these tools! I can not wait to see more and more services using this to their advantage. To see the day where it's not about HOW MUCH it costs that determines a company's purchase: but HOW MANY it can save! To all supervisors and owners out there: let's work to move into this mindset! It's not about what we spend, it's about the patients! Think about where we would be had hospitals and doctor's offices had not opened up their wallets for the advancement of patient care. Would MRI's and CT's be available? Probably not. Because we may have never shelled out for X-Ray machines to realize the need and advantages of advanced imaging! So why can't video laryngoscopes, Electric IO's, CPR compression devices, Electronic Patent Care Reports, etc etc be STANDARDS of EMS Care? Just a thought....

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