Monday, October 19, 2009

Day off!

So, I'm off again today, but it'll be an early night since I report for a 24 tomorrow morning not so bright and very early at 0530. I think I'm going to clean house and watch episodes on Hulu. I was SUPPOSED to go to a refresher course today, but my Paramedic friend giving the course has the flu. It was cancelled. I'm a wee bit sad about that... I miss being in school and this is the closest I get to that kind of setting. Sure, in about a year you'll all hear me complaining about being back in school... but for now I miss it. Oh, I'm going back to school to finish my Bachelor's and applying to Med School. If it's a no go on Med School, then I'm going into Physician's Assistant. Specialty? Toss up between Peds and Emergency Medicine (duhhh). We'll see when the time comes.

Well, mes amis, my Fruity Pebbles are calling my name and Glee, Ghost Hunters, or Grey's Anatomy won't watch themselves!!

Au revoir, et À bientôt!



  1. what's wrong with nursing or being a Nurse Practitioner?

  2. no offense Britt, but I'd rather be an MD or PA. I don't want to be changing bed pans, starting foleys, or IV's. I can do that now. If I go back to school it's so I can call the shots. haha

  3. Hi :) EMT/blogger here- we have similar plans, although I've done the BA and actually a few masters programs as well. Former financial analyst/Wall St refugee. Now doing a post-bacc while working as an EMT and hopefully ---> med school as well.

    Anyways, cheers and welcome to the blogosphere :)