Friday, October 23, 2009

Grey's Anatomy and ABC's...

I'm a huge Grey's fan. Don't think anything less of me for that, please. But I love the doctors, I love the procedures, I love the surgeries, I love the drama. True Story. They had a very interesting episode this week- 12 stories about how a patient died under all of their watch. It was supposed to be a big mystery- you were supposed to "watch close," but it really wasn't that hard to catch, at least for us medically minded people. If you haven't seen it and plan on watching, right now is the time I'd stop reading this blog.

Ok. are you fans looking away yet? Good. Now here's the spoiler. The lady that died was in a huge apartment fire, from what I gathered through the confusion. The doctor that is triaging her was distracted and skipped her airway assessment. Now, she was talking, she wasn't hoarse, she had no soot present near her nasal/oral passages but still- there can be edema present without those outward signs. Now, I turned to Grumps, whom was watching solely to try to beat me at the guessing game, and said, "I win." I told him my theory, he went with the blind cric error theory and we watched Seattle Grace battle it out.

Of course, I won. Not that Grumps didn't have a good point with the Cric theory, but it was so obvious it was painful. Talking to my roomate, my mom, and my bowling team afterwards, people not of the medical mind didn't think about the airway. Now, my brother-in-law and med school friend? right on the money. This made me think: there should be better public awareness to how important the ABC's are in emergencies. Far too often, we roll up on accidents and a bystander is holding a bleed like a champ on a patient who is no longer breathing. I just wish more people were exposed to our world. How many lives could be saved if there were an honest to God good, reliable show about EMS out there? Rescue 911 did wonders back in the day, but they only showed the saves. We need a good documentary show.

Which got Grumps thinking. He's a film major, I was a journalism/photography major before my Paramedic training. Why can't we do an EMS show? We know the HIPPA codes etc (he's actually an EMT, too. He just doesn't work as one. He doesn't like people enough for this job.) but man, that's something both he and I would love to do. Hey Steve, maybe we'll go up to Missouri and start the Busbolance project and film it. Are you still in? Haha, one can dream!

Well my friends, I am one sleepy little medic! I have a 4 am wake up!

Au revoir, et À beintôt,


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