Thursday, October 29, 2009

EMS Expo: Travel shot

Here is the video I have been promising on Twitter, my trip from Home to New Orleans airport for EMS Expo! This is the first in the series of blogs I will do with videos from the conference.

It is currently Day 2 here, and I'm just managing to grab some web from the amazing Chris Monterra (@geekymedic), Greg Friese (@gfriese) Ted Setla (@setla) and Chris... (his last name has escaped me... but he's @TheDridge) at their booth at Expo. (Which is my favorite booth! I love the podcasters and crew!

On Expo: I'm going to say this a trillion times in the next few blogs as well, I'm sure. If you are an EMT, Paramedic, EMS enthusiast, the list goes on... coming to Expo is a MUST! The networking opportunities, the amazing sessions, the new friends and experiences are just a few things to come for. We're in Atlanta- so the night life and food is AMAZING!

Here is beginning of my Expo experience!

My trip to New Orleans

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